Sunday, January 25, 2009

Art Journal Day 25--Shape


I love the shape of pears, the curves, the sensual. n'est pas?
I found a super painting exercise here. It's a glazing exercise. This painting isn't finished, but I've run out of time for today. What's left is a glaze over the "table", finish the stem and a glaze over the pear. I didn't think about colors.....just grabbed a few and went with it. This was so much fun.

The giveaway goes to: Stephanie Lee!
Steph, please email your address to me and I'll mail this out.

....and on to some thoughts on this Sunday. I've been spending most of my free time on journaling, and have been able to express some very deep emotion. I haven't spent much time reading the past couple of weeks, which is why I'm stopping this painting at this point. I need to spend some time reading this afternoon .
Yesterday, for some reason, I ended up on Susan Powter's website....remember her? I've always thought she was a excellent teacher. Anyway, on one of the videos on her site, she talks about taking before pictures of yourself, either naked or in your underwear, then take your measurements--seal the pics and the measurements in an envelope and put them away for 3 months. Well, yesterday I got brave. I asked Paul to take the pictures. All I have to say is....holy mackerel, do I really look like that? oy vay! The pictures don't lie. The measurements....yikes! No wonder my pants are tight. What a wake up call....sheesh. So I've come up with a game it is. My intentions are: Exercise 20 min in the morning before work, and 20 when I get home. Instead of trying to do 3- 1 hour workouts a week, I'm going to split them up. Day 1 upper body, Day 2 abs, Day 3 lower body--repeat day 1 on day 4....etc.
Whilst I watch Alfred knee therapy. Eating: Read labels. Think before I eat. Cut down on pasta, lots of veggies. Moderate whole grains. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Cut out sugary foods. Pack a lunch to take to work. NO soda-bad- chemicals. I CAN DO THIS. I'm feeling very hopeful.

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jgr said...

Hi Chris,
Thank you for comments! I am very impressed with your pear-I want to come back later and see it again. Also, good luck with the re-shaping. I feel certain you can do it!