Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Art Journal Day 20--One word

The emotions continue to spill out. I'm grateful. Journaling in January with you has been a gift.

Acrylic paint smeared on page with my fingers. Gel pens, colored pencil and Sharpie for writing.

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joanne said...

i have learned to welcome my emotions without resisting them... and let them be what they are...i welcome the ones that hurt and the ones that bring joy and make a space of acceptance for them all...knowing all the while there is always a place of center and balance for me to come back to... the emotions themselves are transient and cyclical...

i'm glad you are letting them express themselves...holding on to them and attaching to them is what for me can make them so overwhelming...releasing them just lets them be...

(i am grateful to be sharing with you too...)

p.s. the word verification i have to type in for this comment for blogger is "empowered" ... how about that as something wholly appropriate for your post!!!