Sunday, January 4, 2009

Art Journal Day 4

I am enjoying the process of working in an art journal. I'm finding that by not worrying about the end result (how it looks) I am able to focus more on getting out my feelings-giving them a voice and asking questions. It would be very easy to look at all I have posted thus far-criticize it, loathe it, hide it or rip it up and toss it in the trash. So far this experience has been good for me to do.
This page was done by slapping gesso and paint on a page. Cutting a picture of a girl out of a magazine and painting over her (I read the how to in Susan Tuttle's book). That was incredibly fun.


joanne said...

i agree with you totally...working in an art journal is so very liberating...and there is no room for criticism...only the joy of creating in total freedom...i love what you did with this magazine photo...making it your own wonderful piece of art...i just got Susan's book a couple of days ago and after seeing your page i can't wait to make some time to dive in to it...

Pattio said...

I agree too. I am so hooked on journalling I don't do much else. It feels so good for the soul and it only gets better!
I love this piece. wonderful!