Saturday, January 24, 2009

Art Journal-Day 24----GIVE AWAY!

"it takes every single person to hold up the sun. if you don't feel like getting out of bed today then your part of the sun goes unsupported and the world suffers from the darkness. We are all necessary to ourselves and to this world. And it's important for us to take the journey that allows us to find our true selves. To be an ordinary person who accomplishes extraordinary things." unk

Gouache, walnut ink, sumi ink, Dr. Martin's bleed proof white, gold acrylic paint on Arches black cover stock.

Please leave a comment, I'll put your name in a hat and have Paul draw one--Sunday afternoon.


jgr said...

Chris, you have outdone yourself! I love this piece. Oh, I have always liked calligraphy, too
and what a nice quote!!! Awesome! It makes my piece seem like a cop-out!


Stephanie Lee said...

what energy this piece has!! DO put my name in the hat!

Seth said...

What a great moment to have discovered your blog. This is such a beautiful piece, especially when it is enlarged. The calligraphy is stunning.

joanne said...

oh my gosh, Chris...this is are pouring so much heart into your art and i am just continually in awe of what is flowing through you and onto the page...

i am moving this weekend and have to postpone creating an art piece to give away because all my supplies have been packed up...and i was just thinking how beautiful it would be to have this lovely piece of your he(art) in my new art studio :)