Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 2

Working through this book is proving to be emotional. It's mentally exhausting to ask yourself a list of questions and be patient for the honest answers. Sometimes the people around you unknowingly are part of the process. Paul said the right thing at the right time and emotions came spilling out....I couldn't write fast enough.... I almost couldn't think fast enough or put the emotions into words. It was important to sit there and let them happen, let them wash over me like a big wave. Be willing to be tossed a bit but know my feet are on the ground. No food to comfort me this time. Getting it out and on paper, I felt a release.

Something to think about;
Define confidence:
If I were confident:
If I had more confidence:


~Red Tin Heart~ said...

It takes courage to share yourself the way you have. I admire that. We all want validation. If someone says they don't they are a liar.
I love your journal page. I have too many books too.
Sending love, Nita

joanne said...

i too admire your honesty and the insight you are reaching for in your journal page here...a comment in the present moment can often send us back to the early wounds in our my opinion - by shining light on them (and also in sharing) you are doing...we achieve deeper understanding and a better view of where we wish to go...

great big hug